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My name is Daren. I currently attend LECOM in Bradenton, FL. This is currently my 4th year of med school. I created this blog to post my thoughts about medical school. And because I rock. Boom. So please, come make yourself at home and enjoy my musings. If you are easily offended by things (ie sarcasm, being politically incorrect, etc) then I suggest you evacuate the immediate vicinity :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ein gutes Nacht

Not sure if that's proper grammar auf Deutsch or not but whatever. I think tonight was much needed. Studied all day, went out food and clothes shopping, went home, put on some good music and made pizza, had some Sam Adams Double Bock, and rounding up the night with a couple glasses of ruby port and dark chocolate. Can't say I feel guilty for not studying as much as I should for the quiz tomorrow, but I think I needed this. Been having some emo days lately.

Current Music: Kelly Clarkson (yes, I know, laugh at me) - Already Gone

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