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My name is Daren. I currently attend LECOM in Bradenton, FL. This is currently my 4th year of med school. I created this blog to post my thoughts about medical school. And because I rock. Boom. So please, come make yourself at home and enjoy my musings. If you are easily offended by things (ie sarcasm, being politically incorrect, etc) then I suggest you evacuate the immediate vicinity :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm sooooooo excited...

to go home for Thanksgiving. Screw this Florida crap. I need my snow, turkey, corn, and beer. And various other things too :P

Pharmacology is so ksjdbovsjbvojwbhvo I don't really care about corticosteroids. I want a nice Russian Imperial Stout or a Geuze or something... 

mmm fig bars :D

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